By Will O'Brien

In 2004, I started trying to get my work published... and succeeded!
The links below include print as well as digital publications.

MAKE Magazine I started out by writing a few articles for Make.
Engadget I write How-To features for Engadget.
Divester keeps up to date on all things interesting to SCUBA divers.
TV Squad a new challenge - I'm reviewing Eureka, Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis this season.
Blogging Baby Sometimes I write about parenting
Hack-A-DayA new hack every day.
Right now I'm writing the daily feature for Hack-A-Day

MAKE Magazine

MAKE Magazine Volume 4: The Bottomless Portafilter.
MAKE Magazine Volume 7: El Cheapo Cantenna
Weatherproof Wi-Fi Access Point