Changing the New Beetle Filters

Info on this hides on the net, so here you are.

Cabin Filter

Slight pain in the ...
Tools: Torx Driver (Sorry, dunno the size.)
using your hands, maybe a credit card, slide back the center dash cover.
Remove it. Now there are three torx screws at the rear of the dash.
Remove the two(of the three) on the right side.
Now pull the passenger side dash panel up. Yes, the whole large flat section.
Under the panel is a funy shaped cover held down by severl screws.
Remove the screws and pop the panel up. It may take a bit of pulling.
Now you'll see the cabin filter. Mine was covered in leaves.
Pop the two tabs and pull out the filter and top bracket.
You'll have to torque it a bit to get it out.
Insert the new filter into the bracket. Reinstall.

Oil Filter

A cast metal oil filter wrench works best for me. I whack it onto the cover and use my ratchet to remove the cover.
The VW/Audi filters come with new o-rings. Impex sells one with a new oil plug

Fuel Filter