Project: Klunk CNC - three axis milling machine


The machine sat dormant for a while, but has now been resurected. Tests shall commence soon!
One Axis is setup. I'm not confident about the squareness of the setup, but the bearings stay in contact with the bars at all times, so I'm pretty sure it's at least parallel.

Rollers on the first axis. There are just four bearings in contact with the each 1/2" bar.
I may add an additional bearing to keep it solidly located.

X and Y axis are both nearly completed. There is too much deflection(in my opinion) on the X axis.
The carrige is so long and narrow that it's difficult to keep it properly aligned.
I plan to add a second allthread and connect the two with a belt drive.

More XY action.

Finally completed mechanically. I am certain to have some issues to deal with, but now I can work on the stepper drivers.
A dremel flex shaft was used to reduce the load on the steppers, get something with ball bearings, and have something easily mounted. Making a holder for the larger tool would have been a pain and the cheap variable speed tool I use has cruddy bushings while the dremel attachment either has nice new bushings or even ball bearings.

I ressurected the cnc machine when I found this old controller design. Here she's wired up. Once I get a new UCN5804B to replace the defective one, all three axis will be functional. Mechanically, I've barely had to tweak the machine.