ECM Giotto

Giotto Descaling How-To
Giotto Parts Diagrams and Manual
Plumbing in on the cheap

I finally found a decent place to get group head parts from. - Cafe Parts
I had to look under commercial parts, Faema to find E61 group parts.
My ECM Giotto.
I unexpectedly acquired this machine at a super price.
It is just superb. The HX(Heat Exchanger) system is great.
The water sensor is a little cranky sometimes.
The Manual operation is a bit funky until you're used to it.
And you'll probably grab the big shiny group head without thinking
Once you do, you remember pretty well!

I've come to believe that the brew pressure/temp was a bit off.
The P-Stat has been replaced with a Mater, and
I've modified mine to use a rotary pump.

1/3 HP motor
Procon rotary pump

Relay activates pump
PUR Water dispenser
Replaces pour over tank