Giotto Descaling Procedure

This is a short how-to on descaling an ECM Giotto.
Simple Descaling solution: 1 tsp of citric acid per quart of water.(4tsp/gallon)
I get my citric acid from the local home-brewing store. It's used for making wine.
In order to fill the entire boiler with H20, you'll have to take the top off.
Be aware that there is electricity in the machine, don't touch the innards when there is live power.

Empty the boiler:

With the machine hot, turn it off and remove the water resevoir.
Put a heat resistant pitcher under the water spout.
Open the water valve and lift the left side of the machine to force most of the water out.
(I place a tape measure under the side, it's heavy.)
With the machine off and water resevoir removed:
Unplugging the machine isn't a bad idea.
Remove the four corner screws on the top of the machine.
Unplug the water level sensor - Rear corner of the reservoir area.
Lift off the top cover. (Use a rag if it's hot)
Put your citric acid/descaling solution into the resevoir or water pitcher.
Put the silicon hoses from the machine into the pitcher - they must be submerged.
Ground the wire that was connected to the water resevoir sensor (or the machine won't fill)

Some anatomy

Vacuum Breaker: Opens when the machine is cool,
closes when water begins to steam.
Water sensor: Fine wire connects to it, when water
touches the shaft inside the machine stops filling.

Fill the boiler

Disconnect the boiler water sensor wire.
I let it hang over the front of the machine.
Make sure the hoses are submerged.
Open the steam valve (point it at the tray)
Place a rag over/around the vacuum breaker valve.
Water will come out both when it's full.
Plug in and turn on the machine.
Once the boiler is full of descaler solution
-Water will come out the breaker/steam wand.
Turn off the machine.
Reconnect the boiler water sensor.
Turn the machine back on.
If you want to descale the HX as well,
Activate the brew head and allow a cup of water/solution out.
Let it sit, heat up and descale.
I let mine descale for three hours, some do overnight.

Flush out the descaler

Turn off/unplug the machine.
Empty the boiler again as above. It's hot so it'll work.
You may want to let it cool so you're not shocking the metal with cold water.
Fill the pitcher with fresh water.
Disconnect the boiler water sensor again.
Turn on/plug in the machine.
Fill the boiler to the top with fresh water.
This will remove any residue.
Repeat if you wish to flush the whole boiler.

Turn off/unplug the machine.
Reassemble everything.
Run a gallon or two of fresh water through the machine.
Don't forget to thorougly flush out the brew head.
The lever assembly may become difficult to move once the coffee oils are removed.
You can supposedly lubricate it with food grade lube
or just pull a few shots to loosen it up.