Stir Crazy Metal Stirring Shaft Mod

Parts List:

1 1/4" drive 7/16" socket
1 2"x1/4" hex bolt
4 1/4" nuts
1 1/4" washer (normal, small diameter)
4 1/4"x1" washers (1" fender washer)
1 1/4" flare washer
The hardware selected for the mission.
One omission, A spare 1/4" washer was needed.
To hold the stirring shaft, I cut slots on opposite ends.
They were cut just wide enough for the diameter of the stirring shaft to fit.
Next, I put the slotted ends in the vice,
and whacked the washer with a hammer to bend up the ends.
Now the shaft will pass though the slots nicely.
The assembled piece, minus the 1/4 ratchet socket.
The Stir crazy motor has a square output shaft... measuring 1/4".
The ratchet side fits over that shaft.
The 7/16" side fits over the end of the bolt.
I had to enlarge the hole in the bottom of the stir crazy to allow the socket to fit.
I used my 1/2" drill bit, and angled it side to side, no problems.
A dremel could also be easily used.

In addition, I removed the white teflon(I think) washeri
from the original shaft and put it on the new one.