Turbo Crazy Thermocouple

Measuring temperature during a roast tends to be a challenge.
Putting a probe in the roast chamber gives a good reading, but it tends to get kicked around by the beans being stirred.
I installed the tip of my thermocouple on the bottom of the aluminum stirring base by placing it between the thermostat for the SC and the pan.
I've disabled the heating element in my stir crazy, so the old thermostat does nothing.
I use a GB multi-meter from lowes that included the thermocouple.
If you look around you can find a suitable thermocouple+temp monitor for about $20 online.
Sweetmarias.com sells this one for $30.
I just plug the lead into my meter when I start roasting.


The temp display gives me a fair idea of the edge temperature of the bean mass. I start with the oven at 290, and when the temp actually reaches 290, I step the temp up. The idea is to keep the oven from getting too hot too fast. I’ve gotten some nice even roasts with this technique.
Don't take the temperature as law. It's simply the measure of the heat that the beans have transferred to the aluminum base.
Fortunately, aluminum has a low specific heat, so it doesn't absorb too much of the energy.


When I had my TC apart for shaft replacement, I noticed
a very convenient location to mount a thermocouple...
Underneath the original thermostat that operates the heating element.
I've disabled my heating element, otherwise, this could be very unsafe!

The Ceramic backed thermostat holds the thermocouple securely in place.
I cut a small notch in the base for the wire to pass through without
getting pinched. I also added a zip tie to the wire to act as strain relief.