Handy stuff that I've hacked together.

EyeFi to Gallery standalone hack

Jeff Tchang did all the hard work and put together a handy python script that acts as a server for using an EyeFiCard on anything that'll run python.
I added some sloppy code to make it upload the files it acquires to Gallery2 via a python based G2 client called gup.
I also moved the config line needed for the uploadkey towards the top of the file.
Still to do: file download/working area definition. Right now the script will leave the files it collects in whatever directory you've been running it from.
You can download my version here.

You will need to configure the card with a normal windows/mac client to use the network you want. Then you need to find the upload key that's in the local config of the machine you used to get the card working. Now is also a good time to collect the MAC address if you plan on limiting access to the host with iptables or your router...