The CAR/SUV Mission


In June of 2003 I drove from Missouri to North Carolina on my annual family beach trek. My 1998 Grand Cherokee loaded down got 12.5MPG and cost me somewhere around $200 in gasoline on the round trip. I normally ignore the gas mileage that my jeep gets because it has some incredible off roading abilities, it's got lots of room in it, and it just doesn't affect my budget all that much. I'm somewhat horrified that in 2003 I'm getting 12.5 MPG. Come on, I can talk around the world in milliseconds, but I'm burning off enough fuel in a year to pickle a herd of cows! So now I'm searching for a good alternative. I love my SUV, but I HATE the gas mileage.

The requirements

Low Fuel Consumption Alternative fuels Reasonable interior room 4 doors Decent Road manners for family trips Minimum 30 Amps for my electronics (GPS, computer, ham radio)

Possible Contenders

Jeep Liberty Diesel
Ford Escape Hybrid
Jetta TDI
Rover TDI

The Winner!

2000 Beetle GLS TDI - It wasn't in the list, but I couldn't find a jetta the right age/options. I'm very excited about this car, and am currently planning on the next iteration of my karkomp!