My little page on Geocaching/GPS/etc

The GPS is a very useful tool. There are many applications for these things. Geeks and non geeks alike enjoy Geocaching, a sort of GPS based treasure hunt game. Hams use GPS for the APRS system, which communicates their location and messages via packet radio. Smart missles use it to find the right shack in the middle of wherever to blow up. OnStar uses it to determine the location of your vehicle to get help on its way. Drivers use it to navigate unfamiliar roads or determine how long til the next gas stop.
GPS Hardware
My take on various pieces of GPS hardware that I've owned or used.
My Geocaching Profile on
Geocaching is a scavenger hunt with technology. It's a great excuse to get outside.
The Degree Confluence Project
A project to take pictures at every integer longitude and latitude crossing around the world.
Topo Fusion
Interesting Topo software.
Delorme, makers of Street Atlas USA
Sattelite map track tracer howto