GPS Hardware

Garmin Foretrex 101
Runs on AAA batteries, I'll update this once I've gotten to use it some.
I bought mine from Amazon with bike mount for $115. Nice price. It has good reviews from others, so I'm looking forward to it.
The feature set is very similar to the Etrex, and it easy to navigate.
Magellan Meridian Platinum The Magellan has excellent recieve performance. It almost never loses signal outdoors and even works in my living room. I can only assume it has a high gain active antenna built in. The user interface isn't terribly intuitive, but it is very customizable. It can handle an SD Card for additional map storage, such as TOPOs or detailed road maps. On the whole I'd reccomind this unit for it's performance, accuracy, and number of features.
The Garmin Etrex. My first GPS unit. It usually does the job, although on my most recent hike, it kept losing signal because of the trees. It made it mostly worthless and frustrated my friends who were using it. It works fine for providing signal in the car to a laptop or my karkomp. It's been a good unit for me and is an excellent value for the money.