Turbo Crazy
Coffee Roaster
Cross a popcorn popper and a convection oven to roast coffee at home.
I roast my own beans at home. They're better, fresher and the coffee rocks.
DIY CNC Machine An ongoing side project of mine, building a CNC machine from hardware store and old printer parts.
MDA Tricks
I sent mine back, but before I did I noted some useful info about the T-mobile MDA/HTC Wizard.
CMOY Headphone Amp Chu Moy came up with a simple but clean design for a headphone amp that fits in a mint tin.
Last christmas, I built my own.
Linux Toughbook For a while I needed a cheap rugged laptop. I bought a Panasonic Toughbook CF-27 and installed Linux.
I documented how to tune Ubuntu Linux for it. (And make the touchscreen work!)
Danger Sidekick I used a Danger Sidekick for years. Starting with the original, to color to the SK II.
I have some useful info and tricks.
WRT54G/S I have a couple of these wireless routers and put a tiny bit of info up on them.