My Home Theater

The Neverending Project

This was my HT setup from 2005-2006.
In 2006, I built my own digital projector and sold the Sony CRT.
In 2007, we bought a new house, and I replaced the DIY screen with an electric 16:9 screen.
I also picked up a Panasonic PT-51HX41E for $50 from a co-worker that needed some repairs on the convergence board.

HTPC - Home Theater PC
My CRT Projector
Projector Mount
DIY Wall Screen
DirecTV Tivo
Wiring Interconnections

Screenshot, The Fifth Element, on my 2.35:1 103.5"x44"(112.5" Diagonal) screen.
Sony 1272 CRT running 1280x720 (top and bottom are blanked a bit.)