Home Theater


I really feel that front projection is the only way to go for home theater.
The new TVs are pretty sweet, but there's nothing quite like having a big screen up on the wall.
Digital projection technology is getting better and better all the time. It's also very expensive. Even if you get a $700 projecter, the bulb lasts about 1,500 hours. That's maybe a year to two years of heavy usage.
Not a big deal, but those bulbs run around $300 or so. OUCH!

Budget projection

For those on a budget, or even with a large budget, CRT projectors are very interesting. DLP and LCD projectors continue to improve, but getting a quality black out of them is difficult. CRT projectors have excellent contrast, good blacks, and many can actually support hdtv quality signals.
My first projector was an inexpensive Sony VLP-1044Q. It was in very good condition, and video looked pretty nice. It was video only, and I happened to have the opportunity to upgrade just a couple weeks later.
So I sold the 1044 to a coworker and picked up a rather used Sony 1272Q projecter. It features 7" tubes, and most importantly, can display HD quality signals.
CRT projectors are fairly picky about the signal they recieve. The older units also tend to lack protection circuitry. If you push the signal up too high, it may result in a dead projector.

Sony 1272Q Documentation

Sony CRT Projector Cross-reference
1272Q Installation Manual - pdf
1272Q Owners Manual - pdf
1272 fan mod Make it quiet!
Serial control
Guy Kuo on focusing crt projectors
1271 Service and setup manuals
Sony 1270Q setup manual -previously on mooneyass.com, down last time I checked.
It's a nice manual, so I put my copy up here.

CRT projector information resources

AVS Forum
PJ Specs Great for manuals!
Curt Palme Sells and services PJs. Great info resource as well.