DIY Projector Ceiling Mount

The Sony 1272 has built in bolt holes. I took advantage of these for this mount.


10' Unistrut - $15 Home Depot
2 - 2"x1/2" bolts
2 - 3"x1/2" bolts
8 - 1/2" washers
4 - 1/2" lock nuts - I used nylock style
4 to 6 4" 3/8" Lag Bolts
3/8" washers for above

Bolts for the PJ - M8x1.25 (coarse metric) Lengths are noted on the pj housing.

The guy at HD actually cut the unistrut for me into two 3' and two 2' pieces.
If you don't mind spending the extra, I suggest even longer struts for the ceiling.
Then you can maximize support and your adjustment is REALLY flexible.
Next time, I'll have a 10' strut cut in half, then use the two 3' pieces as cross bars for the top of the PJ.
The original mount was angled down too much, I didn't realize the bottom had an offset. Adding two longer bolts to the rear fixed it.

The entire assmebly floats on the bolts and washers. This allows very easy adjustments.