DIY Budget Wall Screen

(sun was streaming in the far end of the basement, but nice resolution, eh?)


Cheap 70x70 tripod screen off ebay
4 - 6'x1"x4" Douglas Fir boards - Easy to find good straight wood.
1 - 1/4"x2'x2' plywood

How To

Determine your dimensions:
In order to have enough material on the sides I went with a 64"x48" 4:3 screen.
On the band saw, I cut my 2'x2' plywood into 1'x1' squares.
Make sure these end up square, don't be sloppy.
Next I cut corner to corner of the 1'x1's to create triangles.
On these cuts, you don't have to be perfect, just make triangles, ok?

Cut your end pieces:
I cut the top and bottom pieces to the full width of the screen.
So make two 64" cuts of 1"x4".
The sides will fit between the top and bottom. So 48"-(2x3.5") = 41".
So make two 41" cuts of 1"x4".
Layout all the parts
Don't worry about the triangles yet. Place the 1"4"s in a rectangle.
Now make sure they're square. Have someone help you.
It's easiest to measure corner to corner.
Adjust the parts until the diagonal measurements match(or are very close).

Place the triangles on each corner and use a scrap of 1"x4" to keep them 3/4" away from the outside edge of the wood.
If anything moves, remeasure and adjust.
Ready? screw the plywood corners into the frame.
I suggest attaching each corner to the top or bottom 1x4, then remeasuring.
Once you're sure it's good, screw it all down.

The screen
I used a utility knife to cut the screen off the sping loaded roller.
Be careful, when you cut it completely away, the spring tension will release.
Lay out the screen on a clean surface, like a carpet.
Gently place your new frame over it.
Carefully staple the screen to the frame
The screen won't stretch, just deform if it's pulled funky, so take your time.