ZJ Auxillary Controls

I chose to mount my controls to the overhead console, where there is plenty of space. First I removed it and got access to the headliner to route the cables for my controls through. When I ran the wire, I also removed the drivers side sun visor to let the headliner drop down a bit. Once I ran the cable, I just reattached the visor and ran the wire down the drivers pilar.
The relay box was built using severl Bosch relays and relay sockets from partsexpress. I also added a couple of blade fuse holders from autozone and some european style screw terminals and a box from radio shack. The fuses are wired so that when the lead is grounded, they close and power the circuit. The main line from the battery has it's own fuseable link, and each circuit is individually fused before the relay. There are 4 extra fuse slots for future expansion, they also make a handy place to store spare fuses.
This is the switchbox mounted to the console before reattaching it to the roof. I added 5 switches and a LED with a resistor for use with 12V. Initially the 4 were all to be roof lights, but now three are roof lights, 1 is for my ham radio, and the other will be used for keeping the computer active when the ignition is off. For now I tell silly passengers it's the eject button.