My Lift:
Tera S3Z front springs
Tera bump stop extensions
Tera Rear trackbar relocation bracket
Front Springs mounted in the rear

The Lift

I didn't have a spring compressor, and managed to do everything without one. In order to make it work, I had to disconnect the Lower control arm for the side I was working on as I went around the jeep.
I lifted the Front on Saturday, after I had the 31s installed at Wal-Mart. They tried to be difficult, but I talked them into it. On Sunday, I lifted the rear end.

Death Wobble

After the lift I had some death wobble on the highway when going 45mph or over when I hit bumps. For a while, a speed change was sufficent to stop it. Finally it got to be too much for the stock steering stabilizer, so I installed a Rancho RS5000 Model 5401 Stabilizer in place of the stock one. You will need a BFH to get the old one off.


I finally got the thing aligned after driving it around for a few months and taking a toll on my front tires.

Before Alignment, After Lifting


After Alignment

Since There's no way to change the Camber without swapping out the ball joints, I imagine the change in the number has to do with error in the measuring system. My right tire was showing uneven wear pretty severely due to the extra toe. The tire's not shot, but I sure reduced it's life. I plan on picking up a couple new bfgs when I get the chance anyway. Death Wobble has yet to be seen since the Steering Stabilizer, but hopefully will be even less apparent with the alignment.