1998 ZJ Lights

There are some *really* nice lights out there. Unfortunately, I'm married with kid so I have to be reasonably cheap. So I shop at wal-mart for my lights. Note that some of their lights got even cheaper recently, so be careful. I chose some 55watt rectangular Blazer lights that retail for about $19.95 a pair. Nice and cheap so if they break I can replace them without cringing. I also picked up a pair of rectangular flood lights for $10 each.
I'm mounting these on my roof rack. The goal is to increase external lighting and make my life easier. I mounted 4 of the blazers on the front of the rack. Two acting as really high lights and two at angles to increase the field of view. I mounted the two floods on the rear at angles to act as super back up lights. I bought a 4 lead 16 guage wire made for wiring trailers at the auto store to run the circuits. 1 wire for 2 lights. The center front lights are one set, the front sides are the other set, the two rears are another set. I also want to add two side floods of some sort, but I'm undecided on the lights and where to mount them to make impact on roof rack space miniumized.