Vehicle Preparedness

This is a list of inventory I try to keep in my car all the time. Most of the time I fail, but without goals nothing is measured.
Car bits:
Spare belt
Spare Hoses
Coolant, oil, washer fluid, transmission fluid, gear oil, Brake Fluid
Metric tool set
Jumper cables
Spare primary EFI Sensors
Spare Coil
Repair Manual
Code Reader
Lug nut wrench
Spare Lug Nuts

Situational Equipment:
GMRS Radios
Sleeping Bags
Camp Stove + Fuel
Emergency Food
Gallon of Water
Large Water Container
Water Filter
Rain Gear
First Aid Kit
Fire Extinguisher
Road Flares
Flare Gun
Rapelling equipment
Spare Clothing
Bug Repellent
Suntan lotion
Lip Balm