KarKomp: Car Computer

KarKomp Updates Software Power Control TV out Pictures

KarKomp v1 has been assimilated into KarKompV2

KarkompV2 is the installation of a KarKomp into my new Beetle. The Grand cherokee version no longer exists. These pages should remain frozen. Checkout KarkompV2 under the Beetle pages.

This is my implimentation of an on board car computing system.
It's really an experiment in user interfaces and mobile computing.
I'm never quite satisfied with it, so the system continually evolves.
The first screen was installed at the base of the dash and the shifter. This was a good out of the way position, but it lacked real useability except for playing MP3s. That just wasn't good enough. After considering various button controls I determined that I really wanted a touchscreen.
This is the current iteration. I'm running dashpc as my initial frontend. It provides Music, Video Playback, Navigation and an interface to download and view the pictures I take with my digital camera. I hope to add some Ham Radio Functionality as well. The touchscreen is nice to have, and make's it much easier to interact with applications. It's dimmer than the old display tho, so sometimes that annoys me. Also, my polarized sun glasses block it out a bit, unless I cock my head. That's not neccesarily a bad thing, since then I can play a movie for a passenger and not have it distract me while driving. I moved the A/C controls down to the lower console area.

Goals and Status:

GPS Navigation: Works
MP3 Playback: Works
Movie Playback: Works
Simple Controls: Somewhat
Easily Extendable: Yes
Clean Integration: somewhat


Current Iteration:
Datalux Touchscreen display.
Belkin Serial USB Adapter
Via Mini-itx EPIA 800 Motherboard(shipping Computer Gate)
Morex Cubid 2677R 12V DC Mini-itx case(Computer Gate)
Modded for an external pcmcia card slot(sale pcmcia pci adapter)
Maxtor 5400rpm 80GB hard disk.(Staples)
384MB Ram(Overkill)
ATX Shutdown Controller

Hardware I've played with:
Modified GPS reciever: GPS board from Rand Mcnally Palm III GPS unit($30 staples clearance), moded for active external antenna(ebay)
EarthLCD 12.1" TFT analog vga display
Gravis GamePad Pro USB(circuit city)
Connectix Color Quickcam PRO 3000
40x4 EL backlit LCD from Timeline