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Mandrake Linux

Currently running Mandrake 9.0 download edition with a custom 2.4.20 kernel.


I tried out this software, but it lacks a map database. It's fine if you know where you're going. The point of my jeep is that I *don't* know where I'm going. I need a full map database onboard. Also, the fonts are stuck to the map, so not scaleable.


Nice if you want on screen mp3. Originally I used this with the joystick plugin and a gravis gamepad for basic controls.


Used with the connectix quickcam for the 'babycam' This was handy when my kid was really little and we were always wondering how she was doing in the back seat.

Delorme Street Atlas USA

An excellent piece of software. Full US maps on a cd, so you've got them when you want them. My copy of the 1998 version runs very well under the current winex. Sadly, the 2003 version doesn't want to work under winex. Hopefully it will soon. I may run it under vmware if I really care to have the updated maps, which I want.

Software Suspend

I tried to use software suspend, but it just isn't supported under the via C3 processor. vmware's modules don't play nice with it anyway.


I started writing a simple front end for digital camera image handling called digicam.pl. Just add it to your dashpc config file and go.