Last night I got busy with the epilog mini and laser etched the trackpad on my dell e1705.
I've got other plans for the back, but I wanted to get something turned out now that I've started getting a grip on using this thing.

First, I measured the trackpad with my digial calipers. It was 2.9" x 1.7"

Then I opened up this dxf Hack-A-Day logo, filled in the color and scaled it to fit.

To fit the machine in the laser cutter without disabling any of the safety interlocks, I removed the display. On the E1705 it's just a bezel cover, four screws, the keyboard (two more screws), and the wireless antenna cable (two screws on the back cover to access).

I did a test run on some paper, then ran the job twice at 100% speed and just 15% power. I didn't want to damage the pad, so I went pretty low. To align it, I used my calipers to find the center of the touch pad and manually set the center position to it.

Glamor shots of the finished work. The dark spots on the palm rest are where the paints worn a bit from continual use.