Mini Mill

My Mini Mill is a Harbor Freight 44991.
It's actually a branded Sieg X2 mill.
The size is ideal for the home shop - it won't kill you when you move it.
It's not a bad machine, but does take some tweaking.
Since I bought mine with the intention to add CNC controls,
the quirks just added motivation.

Here you see the mill in it's original state (mounted and cleaned up)
Right now, it's got fully functional X and Y computer control.
Z axis control is coming, but it's depenent on the X and Y

CNC conversion

I've successfully converted my X2 mill to be CNC operated.
The X and Y were converted, then used to create parts for the Z
Controller/Motors - The electronics to make it all happen.
Mechanical work - All the machine work and mods to the actual machine
Here's a not quite complete bill of materials for the build
To bring it all together, I needed some software to control everything.

Useful links

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CNCBridges - interesting stuff
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Sterling belt drive
Enco lovejoy couplers
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