T-Mobile MDA trick and hacks

My little collection of useful info.
The MDA is Tmobs name for the HTC Wizard.
Here you'll find useful apps and links.

No more.

I returned my MDA to T-mobile. The os just isn't snappy enough. In addition Windows Mobile 5 isn't that impressive.
The ui is obviosly comprehensable thanks to windows, but desktop UI conventions just don't translate well.
Remapping hard keys to work as start and close buttons works ok, but closing an app doesn't actually close it.
The sidekick has been around for years now, and honestly the danger UI, as cartoonish as it is, is far better thought out.

Hacks and Tricks

Custom ROM for T-mobile mdas. (not factory)
Local copy of custom rom
Overclocking app - at xda dev
HTC Registry Wizard
Smartsky - remap keys
Total Commander Devs.


XDA Developers Forum
Opera for win mob
Skype for mobile