Canon Rebel XT/350D Digital SLR

A Short Review
My last SLR was a Canon AE-1 that I retired around 1997. Since then I've been using various digital cameras.
Finally returning to the SLR world, I discovered the Canon Digital Rebel XT. The price is reasonable, and digital SLRs appear to be holding their value across several years. This is very unlike the consumer or even pro-sumer cameras I've owned. I'm not too fond of the fact that the sensor in the camera is smaller than a standard 35mm. Effectively, it means all your shots are zoomed 1.6 times past a standard 35mm shot. A 50mm lens becomes an 80mm lens. That said, the Rebel XT is a very nice little camera. It's small, lightweight and can use any of the Canon EF lenses. The autofocus and power on times are VERY fast, so catching those quick shots is possible again. The kit lens is worth the extra $99 if you don't have anything better. It has reasonable optics, and it's light.
The fast shutter mode of 3 frames per second is VERY welcome. The autofocus defaults to the closest object in the frame, which isn't always ideal, but is at least predictable. Lastly, I wish the viewfinder was a bit bigger.
I'm very happy with this camera, and highly reccomend it.


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Canon BG-E3 Battery Grip.
Holds 2 li-ion batteries or 6 AAs.
Also gives more grip.