2Tbsp butter
2 large russet potatoes
2 onions
4-5 green onions
3 roma tomatoes
4 cloves garlic
1 cup dry white wine (white truck is decent)
1 quart seafood/fish stock
1 cup whipping cream
1lb fish - cod, etc.

1/2 pint whipping cream

chop the onions, green onions and garlic, set aside.
Peel and chop the potatoes, dice the tomatoes, set aside and add white wine.
Dice the fish into inch sized cubes

In a large pan, saute the onions/garlic in the butter. When they're soft, add the potatoes/tomoes/wine.
bring to a boil, then add seafood stock. Boil again, then simmer until the veg is cooked.
Put half the soup into the blender and blend. Then put it back in the pan.
Salt and pepper to taste. This is your last chance. I use grey sea salt.
Now boil once more, and add fish.
Boil again, then pull off the heat.
After a minute or so, mix in the whipping cream.
Cover and let sit for 5-10 minutes, then it's ready to serve.

I've also served this with steamed little neck clams. (I think mussels would be better).
Using several fish is also an option - cod + salmon + whatever looks good.