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Land Rover Discovery Series I: AKA Olaf

(Olaf just after purchase, wearing old snow tires and spare range rover rims)
I purchased the rover previously known as Yeti in December 2014. My kids re-christened it Olaf. She came with a spare set of wheels featuring some old studded snow tires. Just under 150k on the odometer and no major body damage. During the test drive, I slid into a ditch, and she drive right back out of it. The ditch hit was hard enough to trigger the hazard signals! (To turn them off, you have to cycle the ignition...)
I've owned british cars before (1977 Triumph Spitfire) so I'm familiar with Lucas Electrical products (Informally known as the prince of darkness). In the rovers case, that meant that she came with headlights so dim that the high beams wouldn't actually switch over.
The brakes are squishy as heck. I have plans to fix them and will post more when I have it.

Useful Info

Wheels and Lug Nuts
Various Rover Forums

Project History

Engine notes
Initial Tune Up Jan 2014
Headlights Jan 2014
Brakes Jan-March 2014
Winch MountFeb-March 2015
Tire mount upgradeSeptember 2015
CPS Sensor accessSeptember 2015

Future Ideas


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