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My rover died a few times and the CPS is critical to the engine running.
Accessing it is a pain. It's located on the front of the bellhousing, on the drivers(american) side of the engine.
Many people will drop the exhaust to get to this sensor. You really don't have to.

Making certain to keep cables and hoses clear of the back side, I cut out an access port in the fender.
This makes it 50 times easier to access.

It's too dirty to see, but the dangling connector is from the CPS sensor. It's now easily accessed.

A few notes on the CPS:
One of my bolts was too short. It only threaded into the bell housing by a couple of millimeters.
In fact, it was so shallow that it stripped out with almost no effort.
I took the sensor and bolts to the hardware store and replace the shorty with one to match the depth of the longer bolt.
As a result, mine now uses 7mm and 8mm socktes for removal.

It turned out that my CPS was ok. It was pretty dinged up, so I went ahead and kept the new one.
The culpret was either my fuel pump or relay. I replaced both and haven't had an issue since.

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