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My rover is a 1998 with the 4.0 V8 and advanced evap system.

Intermittent failure to start

My rover decided to randomly fail to start, and once it simply died after idling for a bit.
Extra frustration was having the rover die in front of NAPA auto parts... who doesn't have alot of rover bits on hand.
There are a couple of likely causes for this behavior.
1) The Crank Position Sensor
2) Multifunction fuel pump

Identifying the difference on these is pretty easy. If the CPS has failed or is causing failure, there will be no spark at the plugs and no fuel supply. (The pump turns on for a few seconds on power to pressurize the system.)

Cheap fuel pump replacement

There is a $20 fuel pump option, documented >here.
The short version - the pump in the module is an Airtex E3270. Searching ebay turns these up readily.

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