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Discovery Headlights

The first major issue with my Discovery involved super dim headlights. From the dashboard, clicking the high low switch failed to turn off the high bulb indicator. Yeah, they were useless. I drove up a canyon road at night and was saved from certain death by the off-road headlights that the PO had installed.
The bulbs are halogen 9003 series. They run about $10 each. Many people buy the more expensive silver stars.
I purchesed a pair of L shaped 9003 headlight pigtails from O'Reilly auto parts. The wires come off at a 90 degree angle. They also featured a rubber cover for the socket. I haven't seen them online or I'd add a link.
Update: These appear to be identical, aside from wire colors. I also used some crimp on 18-22ga butt connectors. I use ratcheting crimpers and add di-electric grease to the connectors to prevent corrosion. A multimeter is useful for checking the pin-out of the replacement connectors.

Pulling the bulbs isnt too bad. There's a small tab that must be lifted and rotated on three positioning bolts around the headlight. Then the entire assembly may be removed to allow access to the wiring. I also found a tap for the (dealer added) fog lights on the rover. I removed it since one of the original lamps is long gone.
Finally, I added di-electric grease (sold as tune-up grease) to the pins of the new connectors to prevent this from happening again.

Once the new pigtails were installed and the lamps re-assembled, the headlights worked perfectly. The high-low switch performs as it should. Last Modified 01/12/15 08:51