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Discovery Tire Sizes

Weather it's jeep or land rover, we all consider bigger tires.
There's a good forum post here that describes tire options for various rovers. In my case, I'm interested in the Disco I, so I'll paste that here for myself.

Discovery I 94-99


205/80/16: Stock size in other countries. same height as 235/70-16.
235/70/16: Stock tire size.
255/65/16: same height as stock but wider
225/75/16: same height as stock but narrower
245/70/16: a little taller and wider than the stock size


255/70/16: slightly taller and wider than stock, but still fits with no lift.
245/75/16: fits on stock height but popular size for 2" lifts. some trimming on the rear wheel well and adjustment on the steering stops.
215/85/16: same height as 245/75/16 but narrower.
265/70/16: about as tall as 245/75/16 but wider.


265/75/16: Same as stock Defender tires. Will require some more trimming. lift highly recommended.
235/85/16: same height as 265/75/16 but narrower.


255/85/16: about 33". a lot more trimming required and you should consider upgrading to hd axles.
285/75/16: also about 33" but wider. a lot more trimming required and you should consider upgrading to hd axles. offset whdeels recommended.

265/70/16 interests me. It's the same as my Toyota truck, and I can run them for a while without a lift. I'm considering a 2" lift with new shocks just to improve the handling of the 17 year old suspension. These will look good before and after the lift. I'm a fan of 31" tires as well. They can handle just about everything I will throw at them.

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