Will's Dive Gear

I'm in the process of reconfiguring all my stuff.
I've decided to go with a Backplate and Wings setup favored by the 'Tech' divers.
More when stuff actually appears.
Scubapro G200s(updated to be G200bs)
Scubapro Mk200
Suunto console w/Depth, pressure and compass
I like the G200b because it's just like a g250, minus the adjustment knob. There's nothing to break off of them and just about anyone can service them. I bought this entire setup for $180 on ebay. I'm not a big fan of the huge console, but it'll do for now. I added a Scubapro Mk10 in place of the mk200. It's a balanced piston first stage that will perform excellently.
I've sold this setup. The G200s flowed great, but were being very twitchy about staying sealed. Bubbling off your air makes for a nervous end of dive.
Uwatec "Digital" (bottom timer)
This handy device provides everything you need to use dive tables. For now it's primary, but when I get a computer, it'll be the backup.

Scubapro Jet Fins
The Classic Jet Fin. Got mine for $45 on ebay, 1 year old.
$20 Mares Clipper full foot fins for pools, etc
Zeagle Concept II BC. A most Excellent back inflate BC. Weight integrated, very high quality. If you want a BC, I highly reccomend Zeagle. Great quality and it will last for years.
Underwater Kinetics UK1200 Diving light. This is my Primary Dive light.
$33 on Ebay. Uses 8 D-Cell Batteries. Huge, but OH so bright.
Wenoka Sea Style Blunt tip dive knife. $17 on Ebay, $71 at LDS
I like the blundt tip so I can pry with it, and so I can't use it to stab myself with. I also wanted this knife because it has a nice big tank banger on it. The locking mechanism is nearly impossible to release accidentally.

My Save a dive kit

mask strap
Fin strap
spare prescription mask
regulator mouthpiece
nylon zip ties
regulator port plugs
small crescent wrench
spare light batteries
spare weight belt