Strongly Recommended
•	YMCA Standards and Procedures, 2000 Edition, dtd July 2000, YMCA Scuba Office
•	Mastering Advanced Diving - Technology & Techniques, NAUI
•	The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving, PADI
•	NOAA Diving Manual, Fourth Edition, James T. Joiner (Editor), United States Chamber of Commerce
•	U.S. Navy Diving Manual, Dept of Navy
•	SLAM Manual, Tom Leard
•	CPR for the Professional Rescuer, American Red Cross
•	Community First Aid and Safety, American Red Cross

Basic Knowledge and Background
•	The New  Practical Diving, Mount & Ikehara
•	Adventures in Scuba Diving, NAUI
•	NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver, NAUI
•	Scuba Rescue: Skills and Techniques, NAUI
•	Scuba Equipment, Care and Maintenance, Michael Farley and Chris Royer
•	DAN:  Underwater Diving Accident Manual, Mebane & Dick
•	Diving Physiology in Plain English, Jolie Bookspan, PhD
•	Scuba Diving in Safety and Health, Christopher W. Dueker, MD

•	Advanced Sport Diver Manual, Jeppesen 
•	Basic Decompression Theory and Application, Bruce Wienke 
•	The Silent World, Jacques Cousteau
•	The New Science of Skin and Scuba Diving, Council for National Cooperation in Aquatics
•	Scuba Diving, A Trailside Guide, Karen Berger
•	Divers Handbook of Underwater Calculations, Wayne Tucker
•	Diving and Subaquatic Medicine, Edmonds, Lowry, Pennefather