UM NAUI Advanced Open Water S.C.U.B.A. class

The UM Scuba Class is made up of a 3 hour/week Lecture section and 2 1.5 hour pool sessions each week. The Open Water check out dives occur after the semester is over, at either Bull Shoals Lake or in Florida. Physical Requirements:
1) Thimble Test: Don skin diving equipment: fins, clear mask, weight belt and snorkel on one breath in 12' of water. (thimble test)
2) 1/2 Mile Swim: Swim 1/2 Mile, 36 lengths, non-stop (no more than 3 seconds on the wall/turns) American Crawl under 30 mins
3) 1/4 Mile Swim: Swim 1/4 mile non-stop (any stroke) 10 mins or under. 4) Weight Belt Swim: Swim with 1lb of weight/10lbs of body weight, 75 yards non stop. 5) Skin Diving Circuit: Swim in under 6 min 30 seconds. 6) Survival Float: Survive for 20 Mins, 5 mins per float.