Danger Sidekick (AKA Hiptop)

How to add your own custom ringtones
Danger Developer Site
SKDR.net The place to get apps for the sidekick. You need a developer key to install any of them.
Sidekick SDK Howto - Simple sidekick SDK howto
uClinux running on a Sidekick


Sidekick LX Review


Broken, but I'm leaving it up.
Cognet is a server/client that proxies irc connections. A cognet server is neccesary.
Cognet++ Client for Color SK(T-mobile) Bundle
Old regular cognet client. Doesn't seem to see anyone talking.
Cognet client for color T-mobile(not sk2) sidekick Bundle


There have been three versions of the Sidekick so far.
Original Sidekick, built by Danger (T-mobile Hiptop).
Color Sidekick, built by Danger.
Sidekick II - Color, faster, built by Sharp.
Sidekick 3 - Color, sorta faster, built by Sharp, added bluetooth and the trackball.
Sidekick LX - smaller, lighter, beautiful screen, built by sharp.