On Friday September 10th, 2004, I determined to quit drinking soda.
This is my motivational shrine.

Sugar in soda

At work we have the bottle type vending machines. They contain 20oz bottles.
According to the label on my final Coke, it had 2.5 servings and each serving contained 27 grams of sugar.
I easily averaged one coke a day when I quit.
2.5 servings x 27gm = 67.5gm.
67.5 grams of sugar in each 20 ounce bottle.
67.5 grams = 2.25 ounces.
2.25oz * 365 days per year = 821.25oz of sugar per year.

821.25oz = 51.33lbs of sugar per year.

51.33lbs/year is approximately 1 pound of sugar per week!