Toughbook CF-27 P2-300 running Ubuntu Linux

These are my install/configuration notes for running Ubuntu Linux on my Panasonic Toughbook CF-27.
It is a standard CF-27. 64MB on board ram
300Mhz Pentium II cpu
800x600 Touchscreen LCD
No CDrom, and I tossed the floppy(I'm thinking of building a gps reciever into the floppy case)

I added an 80GB hard drive and an additional 128MB sodimm

I have the touchscreen, sound and usb all working under linux/xfree/xorg and win2k.

Install notes

To make life easier, I did the system installs using a desktop with cdrom, etc.
First I partitioned the HD using the Ubuntu install CD. Standard stuff.
10gb windows
5gb linux /
1gb linux swap
the rest is /home

Once the drive was partitioned, I killed the linux install and installed Windows 2000 pro
Next I re-ran the ubuntu installer and did everything, with GRUB on the MBR.
When ubuntu asked to reboot/remove media, I turned the machine off.
After that, I installed the HD in the toughbook and let all the ubuntu configuration scripts
run on the toughbook. This probably helped avoid some problems. If not, it didn't hurt anything.
I didn't realize the pcmcia-cs hadn't been installed til after, so I used a Linksys USB ethernet adapter
I had laying around to get the network connection up. I used this to do my apt-get/synaptic stuff.
If you don't have one, you could just reboot the hd in the desktop machine and use the network adapter there.


To Fix xwindows after installing with another system.
sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

No CD rom

Start up synaptic under xwindows. Remove the cd source, and add the universe stuff.

Fix PCMCIA support

Install pcmcia-cs
apt-get install pcmcia-cs

Faster window manager(s)

Install xfce4 using synaptic or apt-get.
Howto Install xfce4

Kismet support

Orinoco kismet howto
But just use synaptic or apt-get to get kismet.
Recompile patched drivers and replace the orinoco and hermes modules
My compiled orinoco monitor enabled drivers
They were compiled against the 2.6.10 ubuntu linux source tree.
Patched with the patch availible from
The intent is not to distribute these, but provide a mirror for my use.
Compiling all the modules on a 300Mhz driver takes an entire day.
I built these with my independed server install.


Install the gunzits driver. The touchscreen likes to be ttyS3 for some reason.
Local copy of gunzits. I ended up popping the irq up to 10 before figuring out the ttyS3 bit. I'm not sure if it helped or not.
Just copy the .o over to the xfree modules directory and add the directed stuff to xorg.conf.
Works like a charm.

Win2k to grub menu

add to menu.lst in /boot/grub
title 	Windows 2000 Pro
root	(hd0,0)  # the second zero means /dev/hda1 1-1=0.
chainloader +1

Software Suspend

It's built in to Hoary. nice.
Do this howto.
Added entry in sudoers with nopasswd to exec this from button on menu bar.