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Month: April, 2009


8 April, 2009 (09:25) | Uncategorized |

After realizing that I’d been lazy about it, I upgraded my hosting machine last night before I went to sleep. I managed to make Apache2 angry. You won’t like it angry, cause it won’t even give you a 404. Back to our regularly scheduled program.

Collecting netflow on RHEL5 with flow-tools

3 April, 2009 (08:57) | Projects | 2 comments

If you have a netflow capable router, you can gather information about traffic that’s passing through your netflow collector. Here are a few notes about getting it to work on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 machine – some of the code has gotten a little crusty, but with some work you can get it [...]

New (old) server for the house

1 April, 2009 (22:16) | Toys |

Just thought I’d throw in a view of the server that’s running things at home now. It’s  a poweredge 2650 – you can get them dirt cheap despite having dual 2.8ghz cpus, 2GB of ram and onboard remote access. This one once served the military – they removed all the drives, but left an IP [...]