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Juniper MX LAG to Cisco Nexus 7000 port channel

11 January, 2013 (09:20) | networking | 1,102 comments

I recently needed to set up some aggregated ethernet connections. (LAGs, Etherchannel, port channel, Agg, etc). In this case, it was between a Cisco Nexus 7k series switch and a Juniper MX 480 with trio based blades (MPC-2 to be exact). I did NOT configure this with multi-chassis technology – this is between single devices. [...]

Cheap Wifi Thermostat with a JSON API

9 April, 2012 (08:08) | hardware, iPhone, networking, Toys | 10 comments

I updated my thermostat to one of these. It’s made by Homewerks (Home depot sells a filtrete branded version.) It’s not as cool as the NEST, but it’ll do the job of controlling a furnace/AC. The interesting part of this device is that the wifi interface can be cloud managed, making it possible to control [...]

iPhone, jailbreak, ssh, car controller

20 November, 2011 (10:00) | networking, Projects, Toys, Uncategorized | 1 comment

I’m working on a new car controller. It’s based on aftermarket remote start, a jailbroken iphone and some open source hardware. This post covers setting up the iPhone for that use. It’s really just a nice, cheap (if you have it) script-able serial telemetry platform. iPhone jailbreak notes: I used an iPhone 3g, downloaded 4.2.1 [...]

The new karkomp: iphone/ipad video server

3 July, 2011 (08:09) | networking, Projects | 1 comment

Quite a while ago, I spent quite a bit of time messing around with car pc’s. I was never truly happy with what I had. However, on my new car, I’m adding a pair of roof mounted LCDs and an iphone/ipad video cable. NO MORE DVDs in the car! Since storage space is fairly limited [...]

Server update: Goodbye and thanks for all the phish

27 January, 2011 (14:36) | networking | 1 comment

I shutdown my old virtual server today after migrating all my data…. Sorry if you got a short availability issue while DNS was updating around the internet. I updated this server to a more recent version of my favorite Linux flavor: Ubuntu. The old system was running on a Slice that was built many years [...]

Mediacom DNS appears to have gone lame(sigh)

24 October, 2009 (12:33) | networking |

Since my home network is a bit more complex than most, I found some interesting issues with Mediacom’s DNS. Yesterday, our wireless network stopped working (My wife reports that to me: the internet is down, did you pay the bill?) I could ssh in from work, so the connection was definitely working. A bit of [...]