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Back to coffee roasting

4 February, 2017 (07:43) | Coffee |

The turbo crazy is back in action. I’d had it stored away for a while. Almost three years ago, we moved to Colorado. Two years ago we moved a but further into the mountains. Fresh roasted coffee now takes 25 minutes round trip to acquire. I’ve hit the point where I buy half a bag [...]

Stupid espresso machine trick #31

22 March, 2008 (04:06) | Coffee |

I ran across this egg post by Saul on Instructables. (He’s one of the founders) The other day I was up early to go off to the pool and help teach SCUBA – and I needed some protein. Yes, it’s totally possible and awesomely handy to make steam eggs with your espresso machine. It takes [...]

Cheap espresso plumbing

17 March, 2008 (18:58) | Coffee, News, Projects | 1 comment

I finally put up some info on my inexpensive plumbing design for supplying water to my espresso machine. Total cost is around $20 with fittings and tubing.