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Month: March, 2009

Hacking the eye-fi to keep your data home

14 March, 2009 (23:36) | Projects, Toys | 8 comments

The eye-fi is pretty sweet. However, the built in client connects to the eye-fi manager, which hands off your data to the eye-fi servers. In order to keep my data home, I had to cut out the manager. Using the afore mentioned python script to act as an agent on my ubuntu server, I added [...]

Eye-fi: handy for the lazy geek

13 March, 2009 (10:10) | Toys | 1 comment

I can’t count how many times I’ve forgotten to download pictures at home, then wanted to access the data that was firmly locked away on my camera at home on the following days. Enter the Eye-Fi: a SD memory card that contains a wireless chip-set and an on-board client that uploads your photos as you [...]

What is the deal with TQFP ZIF sockets?

12 March, 2009 (19:21) | Toys | 3 comments

Most ZIF sockets aren’t exactly cheap, but TQFP sockets are in the range of insanely stupid pricing. I’m pondering a TQFP programmer that I can pop the chips into, but most of these little guys are $150 or so. I asked Bunnie, one of the more hardware savvy people I’ve met about it – and [...]

New horse, er Soldering Iron

12 March, 2009 (18:44) | News, Projects | 1 comment

I used to sport a pretty decent Tenma soldering station, but it moved on and I’ve been settling for lesser irons since. I finally upped my game a bit with a new dual purpose soldering station: the Aoyue 968 SMD rework station. Ian put together a pretty decent review of his on Hack-A-Day (one of [...]