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It’s been a busy year!

11 January, 2015 (08:18) | News, Projects |

I’ve been pretty dark on this site for a while. I was busy moving to Colorado and starting a new job. It is a fantastic time for us. I’ve got a few things going on. New Laser Cutter! We now have our own 60 Watt Universal Laser. It’s huge and awesome. Land Rover Discovery! We [...]

Turnigy lipo repair

25 September, 2011 (20:20) | News, Projects | 1 comment

So I bought a 5000mah 6s Lipo from hobbyking earlier this year and finally got around to using it. Shortly after setup I ended up with a slight – and I mean slight short in my motor wiring that resulted in a total failure of my motor/controller/batteries. After some testing I found that the battery [...]

MotoComp – My DIY “speedohealer”/motorcycle computer

30 April, 2010 (09:40) | Motorcycle, News, Projects, Projects, Uncategorized | 4 comments

This is my latest hardware project: MotoComp. It’s based on some work by [Bill2009] but I’ve been extending and reworking the code quite a bit. I installed gauges from a 2004ish Honda CBR 600 on my 1993 CBR 600 F2. Typically, this conversion uses a $125 product called “Speedohealer” to adjust the output of a [...]

Bluetooth Serial board

13 November, 2009 (19:36) | News, Projects | 1 comment

I’ve been meaning to get going on some electronics projects for a while, and I’m about to pull the trigger on this one. A while back I posted a note about this project, and now I’ve got a new PCB coming out soon. This was a wired prototype for my bluetooth serial board. It’s damn [...]

XS850 progress and planning

17 August, 2009 (12:14) | News, Projects |

Relatively little progress on my XS850 – it’s on the center stand now, but my motivation is coming back. Between driving through Sturgis a couple times during bike week, riding a sweet Goldwing and having some other good rides recently, I’m getting the XS back in gear. While I was in Montana, I picked up [...]

New horse, er Soldering Iron

12 March, 2009 (18:44) | News, Projects | 1 comment

I used to sport a pretty decent Tenma soldering station, but it moved on and I’ve been settling for lesser irons since. I finally upped my game a bit with a new dual purpose soldering station: the Aoyue 968 SMD rework station. Ian put together a pretty decent review of his on Hack-A-Day (one of [...]

Guess the hardware, get a prize

19 October, 2008 (19:52) | News, Projects |

 I picked up some new sample hardware to play with. The surface mount pads are freakin tiny, so I had to get creative to break out all the pins I need access to. I murded one pad with a piece of 24 gauge wire that put too much stress on it, so I pulled individual [...]

RGB Keypad bezels at SparkFun!

2 August, 2008 (04:39) | News, Projects | 1 comment

 My first ever design turned product is available from sparkfun electronics. They are now carrying my keypad bezel. It’s the exact design I used in my how-to series.

Cheap espresso plumbing

17 March, 2008 (18:58) | Coffee, News, Projects | 1 comment

I finally put up some info on my inexpensive plumbing design for supplying water to my espresso machine. Total cost is around $20 with fittings and tubing.

Laser etching fun

14 March, 2008 (16:16) | News, Projects | 12 comments

I’m now the proud semi-owner of an Epilog Mini 24 Laser cutter. After some test cuts, I laser etched the trackpad on my laptop. Everything works great – I used two passes at 100% speed, 15% power to get the result. Here’s a short pictorial of the process.