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Month: December, 2009

New RGB Keypad Arduino Shield – kit coming soon

12 December, 2009 (18:25) | Uncategorized | 305 comments

Remember my RGB keypad project that I originally posted in Hack-A-Day? (part 1 and part 2) I finally got around to cleaning it up a bit and designed an Arduino Shield for it. This is the first prototype, and it looks pretty good. I did a quick build of the shield, and after a function [...]

More home network fun

9 December, 2009 (00:43) | Uncategorized | 1 comment

A while back I wrote up my personal network build. Recently I swapped out the SSG5 that I had on loan for a cheaply available 5gt. The 5gt went EOL last year, but it’s a pretty reasonable box. I had an interesting time figuring out the quirks of the 5gt, and I now have some [...]