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Old news

4 February, 2017 (07:40) | News |

Ok, I’m going to toss up some updates here. I’ve been pretty bad and my personal documentation has gone off the rails as a result. Updates incoming!

OK, it’s really clean this time.

7 October, 2012 (10:15) | News | 846 comments

I was overjoyed yesterday when I pulled up my site and found that it had been blacklisted as an attack site. Yay. After the last incident, I simply rebuilt the blog, but the new data suggested that the site had been compromised via a plugin that was still there from last time. So, just to [...]

Malicious link removed

17 September, 2012 (10:44) | News | 1,027 comments

It seems that wordpress picked up a nasty little malicious javascript. I’ve cleaned it out. Details: It was inserting text sidebars that I don’t use. More info here:

SMS Remote Start – working prototype

11 December, 2011 (19:01) | hardware, iPhone, News, SMSresponder | 4,398 comments

A quick update on the SMS remote start using my old iPhone… It works! I can now start my Subaru outback via SMS command from wherever I am. I used an older Arduino simply because I wanted a quick and dirty 3.3v source for the iphone to arduino serial interface. The perfboard has a tip120 [...]

Say Hello to Powercord Labs

19 September, 2011 (22:26) | News | 1 comment

Powercord labs is a new adventure in Laser engraving (and cutting) in Columbia, MO. Wish us luck! (And get your stuff engraved!) We’re going open source on this venture, and we’ll be bringing some new products out as soon as we can.

Mims on writing ‘Getting Started in Electronics’

17 August, 2009 (10:22) | News |

Mark F has been talking to one of my early inspirations – Forrest M. Mims III. He literally bled to produce that book – well done sir. A while back, Forrest commented on a postĀ  I did for Hack-A-Day – it was a fantastic moment for me. I spent a couple of summers depleting birthday [...]

Deposit checks with your iPhone (review)

12 August, 2009 (08:21) | News, Toys |

I tried out USAA’s check deposit via iPhone last night. It wasn’t too surprising that they did this, they’ve been letting people deposit checks with scanners for quite a while. What surprised me was that the application actually appears to work better than the computer version. I had to retake the photo a couple of [...]

Where’s Hack-A-Day?

9 September, 2008 (18:23) | News | 3 comments

Since I’m a networking professional, I thought I’d comment on the outage for oneĀ  reason: In the words of Cap’n Solo: It’s not my fault. In real life, I’m a network analyst responsible for a large university wide network. Even when I was regularly writing the site, I had zero responsibility for the server or [...]

Stepping away from Hack-A-Day

22 July, 2008 (15:48) | News | 2 comments

I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while. After writing daily for Hack-A-Day for well over a year, it’s time for me to step back. While I’ve got loads of projects that I want to work on, I just haven’t had the time. I will certainly continue to write a how-to now an then [...]

New camera in the stable

11 June, 2008 (14:01) | News, Toys |

Since I sold off my ike housing and coolpix 5000, I decided to add an inexpensive digital camera to my arsenal for scuba diving. The ideal cam probably would have been an olympus c5050, or a powershot s70. Since I’m on a tight budget, I couldn’t resist a brand new Canon WP-DC800 underwater housing for [...]

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