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Month: January, 2009

Where’s freakin android, screw it – gimme an iPhone

21 January, 2009 (22:06) | Uncategorized | 4 comments

I’ve been waiting patiently for a freakin Android phone on Sprint. After waiting and waiting, I ordered in iPhone. The App store is proven, the dev kit is easy to get, and even Stanford put out tutorials on programming for it. Sorry sprint. (Thanks for raising your fee and letting me out of mah contract [...]

Make ice softer

19 January, 2009 (23:13) | Uncategorized |

I’ve got a few hobbies that I personally think have no more risk than spending your life on a couch. That said, they do tend to produce more slight injuries (unless you have a really evil couch). Every so often I enjoy sliding down a snow covered mountain. Sometimes the mountain likes to help me [...]

How-To: Mediatomb, Mac and DirecTV HDPVR

19 January, 2009 (16:26) | Uncategorized | 2 comments

I finally had a chance to get Mediatomb (a uPnP media server) working from my powermac. Now it’s happily serving up video to my DirecTV HR20/21s. Given a fresh install of leopard, here’s what you need to do….

Neuros OSD – think mini-apple tv, but better

11 January, 2009 (11:12) | Uncategorized | 1 comment

A while back (like a year), the boys at Neuros sent me a Neuos OSD unit to play with. They didn’t really ask me to do anything specific with it, but send it they did. When it came, I unboxed it, and promptly put off playing with it because I was too busy. I was [...]