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Month: September, 2011

Turnigy lipo repair

25 September, 2011 (20:20) | News, Projects | 1 comment

So I bought a 5000mah 6s Lipo from hobbyking earlier this year and finally got around to using it. Shortly after setup I ended up with a slight – and I mean slight short in my motor wiring that resulted in a total failure of my motor/controller/batteries. After some testing I found that the battery [...]

Say Hello to Powercord Labs

19 September, 2011 (22:26) | News | 1 comment

Powercord labs is a new adventure in Laser engraving (and cutting) in Columbia, MO. Wish us luck! (And get your stuff engraved!) We’re going open source on this venture, and we’ll be bringing some new products out as soon as we can.