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Date: August 12th, 2009

Hmmm, next project ideas?

12 August, 2009 (22:19) | Projects | 2 comments

I’m trying to decide what my next personal project should be. I’d really like to start producing some to kits to make it easier for others to produce. Here are some ideas on what they could be: RGB door lock – Arduino shield or perhaps a complete kit with the atmega onboard? Remote control window [...]

Deposit checks with your iPhone (review)

12 August, 2009 (08:21) | News, Toys |

I tried out USAA’s check deposit via iPhone last night. It wasn’t too surprising that they did this, they’ve been letting people deposit checks with scanners for quite a while. What surprised me was that the application actually appears to work better than the computer version. I had to retake the photo a couple of [...]