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Date: January 11th, 2015

Land Rover Discovery I

11 January, 2015 (09:59) | Uncategorized |

I’ve picked up a new 4×4. The wife’s prius just won’t quite cut it on major snow days. This will be our spare. It might be a little fun too! The new land rover has already been an adventure. It’s got its own section on the site.

It’s been a busy year!

11 January, 2015 (08:18) | News, Projects |

I’ve been pretty dark on this site for a while. I was busy moving to Colorado and starting a new job. It is a fantastic time for us. I’ve got a few things going on. New Laser Cutter! We now have our own 60 Watt Universal Laser. It’s huge and awesome. Land Rover Discovery! We [...]