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Last day at MOREnet

31 March, 2008 (19:47) | News |

Today’s an interesting one. I’m saying goodbye to the office, co-workers and cubicle I’ve been at for almost six years. Today I’m a bit of a chair warmer, but it’s a relaxing, rainy day. Tomorrow I start my new job over in the Department of IT at the University of Missouri, Columbia. More on that [...]

New software, same blogishness

11 March, 2008 (17:20) | News |

I switched my blog/news updates software over to wordpress. Hopefully I can leave comments active – I got tired of spammers on the old software and disabled them completely after a while.

HD-DVD players are still handy

5 March, 2008 (06:02) | News |

I picked up a Toshiba HD-A3. For the money it’s now the best standard def DVD scaler around. Mine came with a pair of free HD discs and a rebate for five more. Hopefully the rebate is still honored. If not, I’ll live since they were titles that I mostly have anyway. The HD-A3 required [...]

Becoming a wine geek

27 January, 2008 (02:57) | News |

I’ve started down the path of wine geekery. I’ve been enjoying wine for some time, but this year I decided that it’s time to get to know my wine. It’s an odd passion/hobby that combines geography, chemistry, quirks of nature and an excuse to hang out with my beautiful wife or just good friends. Even [...]

Sidekick LX

20 October, 2007 (04:36) | News |

There be espresso here, captain!

10 September, 2007 (15:57) | News |

After nearly of year of downtime, my espresso machine is finally back up. It took me quite a while to figure out what was wrong. Mainly, I just didn’t want to consider that the heat exchanger had failed inside the boiler. Once I determined that it was probably the boiler, it took me several months [...]

Deal, I’ve been busy.

14 August, 2007 (20:43) | News |

Between the house, hack-a-day, defcon 15 and work, it’s been nuts. I finally started to recover some of my workshop space from all the stuff that we stored when we were moving. This is a little visualization of some of it. A new containment/cooling system for the mill, inset cabinet to hold my home theater [...]

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